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Thorough sterilization, experience in even the most advanced piercings, and a commitment to safety and healing are just a few of the many things you can expect at our San Diego piercing shops. Our family-friendly parlors specialize in fine-piercing jewelry, and our expert body piercers look forward to assisting you in Bay Park, Hillcrest, or La Jolla.

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The Piercing Process


Understanding the process from start to finish can help ease any nervousness you may be feeling. At all three of our piercing shops, you can expect a warm, welcoming experience that includes:

Consultation – The piercing you're interested in will be discussed to determine if it's a suitable lifestyle/health fit.

Paperwork – Time for some quick (but important) paperwork and ID check. A parent/guardian is required to be present and give their consent for any piercing done on a minor.

Preparation – Your piercer will select the appropriate equipment, prepare a sterile workstation, and mark the piercing site on your body for review.

Piercing – Using a needle or other sharp piercing instrument, the technician will pierce the designated area, insert the jewelry, and secure it.

Aftercare – You'll be provided with detailed aftercare instructions specific to the piercing you chose. A follow-up appointment may be necessary to ensure proper healing.


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Skilled, enthusiastic, and sticklers for safety – these are just a few words that describe our body piercing artists. With over a decade of experience, the steady hands of our pros won't let you down!

Learn more about our sought-after technicians and get the piercing you've always wanted.

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Lauren C.

Lauren C.

This place is so great for piercings! The girls that work there are so sweet and make you feel really comfortable which is perfect for when there's needles involved

I'm in love with my daith piercing and will definitely be coming back!


Aftercare Instructions


Different piercings require different care. That's why your piercer will provide detailed instructions on how to best care for the piercing and the jewelry type you chose.

Looking for general piercing aftercare? Just remember the “ACTS” rule!


Changing – wait until fully healed before changing jewelry

Touching – dirty hands can disrupt the healing process

Submerging –hot tubs and pools can cause irritation


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