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Liv Lake

Liv Lake


Bay Park

Meet Liv, our super rad tattoo artist blowing everyone away with her mad skills! This girl is an absolute riot, with enough energy to light up the entire studio.

Liv was always a creative soul, even before she started tattooing – she's the kind of person who can make art out of anything, and people can hardly believe how quickly Liv is mastering the art of tattooing. She's a natural with a killer eye for detail and a steady hand. And she's having a blast while doing it, always having a good time and keeping the vibe light and fun.

Liv's enthusiasm is totally contagious, and everyone in the shop can feel it. She can turn a boring Tuesday into a full-on party, and her clients always leave with a smile. When she's not tattooing, Liv loves to hang out with her friends. She's always up for a good time and loves to make new friends, so don't be shy – say hi!

In short, Liv is an absolute gem of a human, and the tattoo world is lucky to have her. So if you're looking for a fun, creative, and talented tattoo artist, you just found it.

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