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Desiree Dominguez



A passionate tattoo artist born in the heart of LA, Desiree ventured on a creative journey that transcends borders.

At the age of 12, Desiree relocated to the dynamic city of Tijuana, where she immersed in the rich culture and artistic heritage of the region. Growing up surrounded by the inked world, her artistic path unfolded under the influence of a seasoned mentor—none other than her own father. It was no surprise that she developed a profound love for the art of tattooing, as her creative skills flowed naturally.

Desiree has been honing their craft for the past 3-4 years. She quickly developed a captivating portfolio, marked by a particular fondness for mesmerizing and intricate black work and fine line tattoos. She loves large floral projects, but is always looking for her next challenge.

Beyond the studio, Desiree is a free spirit who finds solace in exploration and travel. Always up for a new challenge, she is currently on an adventurous journey – learning how to ride a motorcycle. This pursuit of new skills mirrors their approach to tattooing: a fearless exploration of the unknown, resulting in a unique and evolving artistic style.

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