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Understanding the Different Types of Body Piercings

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November 12, 2023

Understanding the Different Types of Body Piercings

If you’re like us, you see the body as a blank canvas that offers virtually limitless possibilities. Each piercing type and location tells its own story—and we’d love to help you tell it. But before you schedule your next appointment, you should first understand the different body piercings available.

Ear Piercings

Here’s a short list of some of the most popular ear piercings:

Lobe Piercing: Lobe piercing is typically the first piercing people get and is done on the fleshy lower part of the earlobe.

Helix Piercing: Located along the upper curve of the ear, the helix piercing can be single or multiple and offers various jewelry options like studs, hoops, or barbells.

Forward Helix Piercing: This is a small piercing on the front side of the ear's upper cartilage.

Tragus Piercing: The tragus is the small, raised area just in front of the ear canal. It's a trendy piercing choice that can be adorned with studs or small hoops.

Rook Piercing: Situated in the fold of the cartilage at the upper inner part of the ear, the rook piercing is known for its distinctive appearance.

Daith Piercing: Found on the inner cartilage, the daith piercing is known for its unique location and can be adorned with various jewelry styles.

Conch Piercing: The conch piercing is done in the central, cup-shaped part of the ear. It can be either an inner conch (closer to the ear canal) or an outer conch (further out), offering versatile jewelry options.

Industrial Piercing: An industrial piercing involves two piercings connected by a straight barbell, creating an edgy, industrial look. It usually spans the upper part of the ear.

Snug Piercing: Situated in the inner cartilage along the antihelix, the snug piercing adds a unique touch to the ear's overall appearance.

Face Piercings

Face piercings offer a range of options, including:

Nostril Piercing: A nostril piercing is one of the most popular facial piercings. It's typically done on one side of the nose and can be embellished with various types of jewelry, including studs, hoops, or screws.

Septum Piercing: The septum piercing goes through the thin, soft tissue in the middle of the nose. It can be accessorized with a circular barbell, captive bead ring, or other jewelry options.

Lip Piercing: There are several types of lip piercings, including:

  • Labret Piercing: Positioned just below the center of the lower lip.
  • Monroe Piercing: A single piercing on the upper lip, usually on the left side, resembling Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark.
  • Snake Bites: Two symmetrical piercings on the lower lip.
  • Angel Bites: A pair of piercings on the upper lip, similar to snake bites, but placed on both sides.

Eyebrow Piercing: This facial piercing is placed through the eyebrow, and you can choose between various jewelry styles, including curved barbells and captive bead rings.

Bridge Piercing: The bridge piercing crosses the bridge of the nose horizontally, providing a distinctive appearance.

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing: This piercing is positioned below the eye, just above the cheekbone.

Body Piercings

Some of the most common body piercings we do include:

Navel Piercing (Belly Button Piercing): Navel piercings are popular and can be placed either at the top or bottom of the navel. They are often embellished with curved barbells or captive bead rings.

Nipple Piercing: Nipple piercings can be done on both male and female nipples, providing various jewelry options like barbells, hoops, and shields.

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